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"Nothing matters

        & you're hot!"

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A fun experience and an epic gallery are my promises to you.

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me they were awkward in front of the camera, felt weird getting their picture taken, or didn’t know what face to make...
I could probably retire in Hawaii.

Making you feel like your true self in front of my lens, not second-guessing everything you do, not feeling self-conscious about, well...being yourself is the name of my game.

Even if you feel nervous, awkward, like a straight up freak in front of the camera, I promise you will leave feeling lighter.

I’m here to transform the way you feel about getting your picture taken.

i'm jamie

Hey hey,

We often put sooo much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect outfit, perfect smile, and pose in juuuust the right way.

I want to remind you that I gotchu covered.

Your focus shouldn’t be on any of these things (hence, nothing matters), it should be on having FUN and living your life. Because those are the only memories worth capturing.

And, of course, you’re hot AF so I’ll remind you of that too. 

What more can I say?

I love Fleetwood Mac, camping, & traveling.

So we love sparking up from
time to time and going to music festivals
in our old volkswagen.

My partner grows weed for a living.

But nothing lights me up like photo
and video work, so that’s how I spend almost all my time.

I love art. I used to
paint, sculpt, & draw.

So you best believe I’ll be breaking it
down on the dance floor to get the
BEST pictures of your guests.

I was a hip hop
dancer for 12 years.

in a